The Power of Sunsets

Photographing and enjoying sunsets become more interesting when people and animals are included in the pictures.

Sunrise Sunset, Sunup Sundown


The one single force of energy that connects every person in the world, animals, plants and other planets in the universe is the Sun. Proven by scientists, the sun provides energy for plants, animals, machines and growth, as well as, destruction through drought.

Philosophers and theologians have written many discourses on its spiritual connection throughout the world. There is no surprise that is why most people spend time photographing and enjoying sunsets. There are so many postcards, poems and posters created throughout the years paying tribute to sunsets’ beauty and power.


Photographing and Enjoying Sunsets

Often, photographing and enjoying sunsets doesn't mean looking directly at the sun, but how its light reflects on nature.

Photographers face the challenge of capturing the various moods created by the combination of clouds, moisture and pollution that cause the sunset to appear with different colors. Often, it’s the unpredictability that leads to interesting photos and colors. So, don’t be surprised that during the edit the mood of your photograph is different than when you were actually taking the photograph.


8 Ways to Make Better Sunset Photos


  1. Arrive early. Once a place has been chosen for the shoot, arriving early allows time to scout the location, look for angles and objects or places that afford the opportunity to place people in your foregrounds.
  2. Try various lengths of lensing. Sometimes a wide-angle lens, medium and telephoto lens of the same scene will convey totally different meanings and moods.
  3. Use the golden light before the sunset occurs. This golden light as the intensity of the sun becomes less actually allows time for great portraits of friends, models and forms of nature.
  4. Reflecting light. Look for how the light is reflecting on various objects.
  5. Framing. After scouting your location, envision where the sun will go down and plan for only what you want to include in theWhen photographing and enjoying sunsets, PhotosinMotion.net thinks that sometimes the wide angle shot let in more of nature's beauty. photo. The exposure is often much better if only the desired elements are in the frame. Consider using angles in your framing to lead the viewers’ eyes through your photo. Angles can be created by objects or the tilt of the camera.
  6. Include nature. Sometimes a flower, bird or person will help your photograph. It doesn’t have to be always the sun going down.
  7. Don’t overthink it. Sometimes a wide shot may be what shows the beauty of the sun and its surroundings.
  8. Be flexible. In photography, after all the planning is done, some of the best photographs are made spontaneously. Things just happen. Two birds may fly into your photo. You may see a different angle that looks better. Move and take advantage of the opportunity.

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