Learning Photography’s First Golden Rule

Becoming an editorial photographer at a very young age meant learning one of the fundamental rules of photography, F8 and Be There. This rule still holds true today. And, it applies to more than just news editorial photography. In the older school of photography f8 and Be There meant professional photographers set their lens aperture to f8 and where ready with their cameras for any photo opportunity.Whether you’re a wedding photographer in Tampa, a  Clearwater model photographer or a Tampa Bay corporate

event photographer, capturing spontaneous moments enhances the quality of the photographs. F8 and Be There refers to the old film days, when 35mm photographers used Kodak Tri-X  ISO 400 B&W film.

Kodak Tri-X B&W film was one of the main ingredients in the F8 and Be There rule for professional photographers.

Kodak Tri-X ISO 400 B&W film.

The black and white film became available for 35mm cameras in 1954.PhotosinMotion.net discovered Tri-X to be very flexible with the aperture setting at F8 produced great images in varying daylight conditions. The second part of the rule is explanatory. Despite how nice your camera gear may have be, capturing  beautiful spontaneos moments actually means being in position and ready when it happens. Sometimes, that means running to get into the correct position or asking questions before an event to learn how everything will unfold. Therefore, PhotosinMotion.net takes extreme care in understanding the itinerary of events to please clients with fun photos.

F8 and Be There in Today’s World

A Nikon camera with the lens aperture set to F8 was to the key to great photographs for many editorial, corporate, wedding and portrait photographers.In today’s world of digital photography, this rule still leads to great photographs in various genres. The only difference is that moderncameras are significantly better and produce pictures in all types of lighting situations. So, it becomes even easier to make a nice photograph.

The second part is has not changed at all. Without being in or near a situation, there is no chance to capture the image. Whether it’s climbing a mountain for a creative sunrise or watching a funnel cloud in the Gulf of Mexico, it requires being present. Often, once the moment has passed, there is no getting it back. Even trying to re-create it does not have the same appeal.

The cameras today produce dramatic photos, not just in daylight, but also in very low light. Even cell-phone cameras can produce photos better than those in the past. Often the quality photographs are published on  TV or in newspapers or magazines.

Golden Rule Helps Professionals

The F8 and Be There rule allowed a professional editorial photographer to capture a spontaneous moment between a trainer and a chimpanzee at an animal sanctuary in Tarpon Springs, FL.PhotosinMotion.net agrees with many photographers that being in the right place ready to capture the moment makes the greatest impact.

After dozens of staged photos of family members, a wedding photographer may find that five seconds of a beautiful candid exchange between the couple.

Model photographers, or headshot professionals, also share very similar experiences with professional wedding photographers. After hours of directing and switching poses, often in between shoots, a model may stand or sit in a position that just screams out ‘Take My Picture!’

Perhaps, the most difficult to capture are the spontaneous moments from corporate events. Most corporate executives know they are being photographed and keep their guard up. Yet, spontaneous photos are still there and can be captured with a bit of personal interaction. Unlike the other genres, executives know what they want to look like before the first frame is taken.

A bus driver inspects the damage of an accident in Clearwater, Fl. Editorial photographers capture many photos like this on a daily basis.It’s the professional photographer’s job to establish a rapport and help their personality come alive in a photograph. However, when it does, it may only last a few seconds. So, be ready.

F8 and Be There Leads to Many Nice Photographs

Over the years many people have asked how PhotosinMotion.net has made such great photos. Well, now you know one of the main reasons. We appreciate the compliments and opportunities to share those photographic moments with you. If you would like PhotosinMotion.net to help you hold onto those precious memories, please contact us online or call 727-433-0369.


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